How we met: 

I came to Zambia in 2015 as a medical missionary to Zimba Mission Hospital to assist in the laboratory. I was born and raised in Pennsylvania but felt The Lord's leading on my life to dedicate myself to ministry and life in another culture. When I was old enough to do so, He laid on my heart Zambia and I am grateful for His provision over my life as I have been able to see and experience God in tangible ways through the Zambian people. Andrew was raised in Zambia and did his schooling here until he then was in the working world. He is a mechanic by trade but was sent to Zimba Mission Hospital to work as an ambulance driver for the ministry of health in 2016. It was June of that year that we met. Andrew and I's meeting was just in passing and after a six month furlough in the United States, I came back to Zambia and from that time on, we began talking bit by bit. Like every relationship, we talked, took an interest in each other, and began chatting about life goals, heart's desires, and how God is leading us as we looked at what life would be like committing ourselves to each other in marriage. Our story really began when I was driving to Livingstone to have a vehicle serviced and along the way I had a breakdown. After the vehicle was taken back to Zimba, I had called Andrew to come and figure out the problem which turned out to be a major turbo charger issue. He offered to help get the vehicle up and running again and I graciously took him up on his offer. Every day Andrew carried his tool box and dedicated himself to fix the Cruiser. On my lunch break I'd come and talk to him as he worked, and again after I was finished working for the day. In that time I got the sense he took an interest in me more than just friendship. The time I knew we were moving somewhere and he was serious about pursuing me was when he asked me this question: "What do you consider a good man for yourself to be?" Oh! I had a list a mile long. I wanted someone who was in love with The Lord, dedicated to the work God has given him, and who would love me so much. (Just naming a few.) Andrew's response: "This man must be Jesus himself!" 

Sure enough, Andrew truly shows me Christ's love and leads our home well as he is focused on our plans for the future. It is never by chance I was called to Zimba Mission Hospital and it certainly was never by chance Andrew was sent here for work. We are grateful our paths crossed. 


How did he propose: 

Well... Andrew proposed while we were on Skype with my family in the United States. It was about 9pm and he had just gotten back from an ambulance run. He passed by my house and found I was talking with my family. After about twenty minutes of catching up with them, Andrew looks at my family and says: "excuse me a second" He got down on one knee, and said the words every girl desires to hear! "Will you marry me?" "YES!"


Theme of wedding: 

We did not have a theme. We tried to balance American and Zambian tradition. The colors were Autumn colors.


Reception highlight: 

I loved dancing with my dad at the reception. It was such a heart-touching talk we had sharing a couple memories and telling each other how much we love and appreciate all the times God gave us together. I'd say the second best highlight of the reception would be the fun Zambian dancing throughout! 


Most special memory of wedding day: 

The most special memory of the entire wedding day to me was hearing Andrew whisper in my ear how beautifulI I looked and how much he loves my family the moment my dad gave him my hand. Another amazing memory is all the family and friends that could be with us from the United States for the special day as well as stand with us in the wedding. It is truly difficult to select one memory as the whole day exceeded my expectations. 


Service provider recommendations: 

SFE Productions



Cassandra Green Photography


Love in Zimba

Couples Names:

Andrew & Ashley Kangwa


Date of Wedding:

April 6th, 2019