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At BakedBliss we appreciate the need for quality cakes and sweet treats, satisfying appetite for both palate and tongue. Each cake is treated as a work-of-art and while emphasise is placed on appearance and cosmetic look of our products, our primary goal is to deliver mouth-watering satisfaction to our clients, igniting those taste buds with each homemade piece.
We cater to a wide array of needs and serve a myriad of clients ranging from walk-in single buys to contractual scheduled deliveries with each order tailored to client specification. Our event deliveries satisfy wedding orders, birthday parties, and other functions which require top quality baked products, providing our clients with the “BakedBliss” experience.
BakedBliss is the brainchild of Bernice and her passion led her to never compromise quality for volume as she personally oversees the execution of each order thereby ensuring consistent and exceptionally high quality – Always  


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