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"Having bridesmaids is one very important tradition that will never die. What they should wear and how much input and influence they have has really changed. Some brides want to showcase their friends’ personalities, rather than putting them all in the same dress. Mix and match styles with contrasting colours, necklines and prints are thankfully on the rise, making the task of keeping your closest friends and family happy on the day, with designs they enjoy wearing, a little easier. And they are often dresses they can wear again..." HUMMINGBIRDCARD.CO.UK

Image by Sincerely Media
Image by Amy Kate
Tropical Wedding Inspiration
Image by Valerie Elash
Mona Bridal Gown
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Spring_Summer 2020 Bridesmaids
Image by Samantha Gades
Image by Katelyn MacMillan

and Groomsmen...

"Gone are the days when the groom had very little to do with the wedding planning. Every stage of the wedding planning journey is now a joint decision between the couple, with men taking the lead in their outfit and grooming choices. Venues are also reporting grooms now requesting a dedicated space at the venue to get ready with their best man and ushers, just like the bride. They’ll invest in a special wedding day cologne, splash out on skincare products and facials, hire a personal trainer, and get the lads together for a traditional barbershop wet shave and haircut just before the wedding.

You’ll see more grooms and ushers making a day of suit buying, maybe getting them made to measure and even enjoying treatments you would normally see at a bridal boutique (just with whiskey, not Prosecco). 2020 is all about grooms treating themselves." HUMMINGBIRDCARD.CO.UK

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Image by Bubibubi_cz
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