FloristNet Zambia is the Leading Online Florist and Gift Shop in Zambia, FloristNet started from an idea that the Zambian market does not have Online Stores or floristry as well as Premium Gifting ranging from Whiskeys, Wine, Chocolates and Cigars, therefore opening an online store as well as FloristNet Weddings for Floristry and Gifting FloristNet Prides themselves on Promptness as well as making sure all Floristry and Gifts are made uniquely no matter how big or small, we focus on a hundred percent customer satisfaction. We are a company that focuses on empowering our employees as well as women empowerment in order for all walks of life to succeed and therefore making our business flourish with pride and joy Our Floristry market comes in two segments Local and International floristry in order for a client to have a choice as well as budget, All Bouquets can be uniquely designed according to the customer’s needs FloristNet can also produce customised gifting whether for a corporate event, special occasion or wedding gifts, we make sure all our gifting is made according to the customer’s needs and wants.

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Cell: +260 96 2486925

Email Address: sales@floristnet.co

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Plot no: 609/0/44 Magoye Road, Sanville Park,
Chudleigh, Lusaka,