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a Romantic proposal & a beach wedding....

share in Emmanuel & Bertha forever story...

Couples Names:  Mr. Emmanuel Mbola and Mrs. Bertha Silaupa Mbola
Date of Wedding:  16 th June, 2019
How did you meet…tell us your story .... backgrounds that brought you together:
We both actually grew up in a small town called Mansa, in Luapula Province Zambia. Even though
we spent most of our childhood years in Mansa. We never met nor crossed paths. After completing
secondary school at Mansa Secondary school, Mr. Mbola excelled in his football career and started
moving from one country to another. Whlie after finishing my G12 at Chipembi Girls Secondary
school in Central province. I decided to do my Bachelor’s degree from Asia Pacia International
University in Thailand. I have always been a football fan especially of our national team. So in 2016
while on semester break I met Emmanuel in Lusaka, he just happened to be on season break too.
We got talking as friends, the more we talked the more we realized we had alot in common and not
just that we grew up in the same town, but the fact that we looked at life in one lens. Eventually we
fail in love, and we believe God made it possible that we met at this point in life that we were both
ready to settle. And yes, the rest is history.
How did he propose:

I thought he would never ask, in 2018. He invited me for dinner at Southern Sun Hotel in Lusaka, he
had just come back from Israel. I hadn’t seen him in eleven months. For me, it was just dinner. Little
did I know; it would turn out to be this big night that would change our lives forever. I was very
hungry, pressed my order and when the food came, he got down on 1 knee and asked me to marry
What was the theme of your wedding:
It was a Beach Themed wedding “I do” by the lakeshore.
What was your wedding budget:   200,000.00 ZMW
How many guests did you have:  We planned for 200, but we had no control over gate crashes. By the end of the day we had about  400 guests.
Why did you choose your venue/service providers that you did:
Venue: We chose Chita lodge Samfya because it has the most stunning beach in Zambia, lake
Bangweulu. The lodge itself has an exquisite wooden structure that speaks volumes about our
traditional Zambian culture and adds to it’s natural beauty . Most importantly Samfya is my
husband’s village, so we were happy to have a destination wedding yet be at home.

What was the highlight of your reception:
I loved the decoration, it just put everything together and of course entertainment.
What was the most special memory of the whole wedding day:
The vows. We couldn’t believe it was finally happening.
Any service provider recommendations?:
Decoration was done by Elegance Nasira Dalal; we chose Nasira after evaluating lots of Deco
vendors. She knew what she wanted to do and I didn’t have to explain anything extra to her. The
moment I said “Beach themed wedding"; she sent me pics and on the actual day still threw in more
things I didn’t even pay for. So I would recommend her team anyway.
Advice for future brides:
I would advice future brides to put in alot of time in planning. I had a year to plan, so I didn’t stress
much about things. I had time to prepare myself, spiritually, emotionally and financially. Had time to
find replacements for anything that had been cancelled.
Please list your service providers:
MC: Mr John Kalumbi (Kitwe)
Entertainment: Macky 2 and IC (Lusaka)
Videographer: SFE Productions (Lusaka)
Photography: Jaymumba Photography (Lusaka)
Cake: House of Cakes (Lusaka)
Wedding dress: Rikaotobyme (Nigeria,Lagos) b. A&G Wedding: Israel (Telaviv)
Bridemaids dresses: Runo Stitches (Nigeria, Lagos
Groomsmen suits: PatrickUbuane (Nigeria)
Bridal Robes: Eventstarter (Nigeria, lagos)
Makeup: Pennysmakeup

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