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If you are planning a wedding in beautiful Zambia you have come to the right place. Our team at The Wedding Directory Zambia  know exactly what goes into planning your big day and just how important it is to get the perfect wedding photographer and videographer, to capture those special moments for a lifetime.

Our list of reliable, quality wedding photography professionals cover most of Zambia & most are willing to travel. 

The best way to ensure the happy memories of your wedding day last a lifetime, is by not leaving your photography up to chance.  Wedding photos are not just about documenting your special day, they are also about capturing the personality and the connection between you and your new partner. So picking the right photographer to put you at ease and bring out the love, joy and fun is important. A great photographer will know the best sunset spots , be able to create a timeline that works for you, whilst also advising the best way to capture your whole day.  Scroll through our list of photographers & know that one of them will be a great fit for your needs...

A well-made, beautifully edited wedding film will be able to bring your day to life again for years to come. We can’t tell you enough what a joyous thing a wedding film is to possess. Time and time again our readers tell us they regretted not having one or that their film was the best investment they made. A great videographer will capture all those moments you didn’t get too see because you were too busy enjoying yourselves. A wise investment if ever there was one.  

The Wedding Directory Zambia showcases specialists below who will not only film your wedding, but also complete the package with editing and post-production, leaving you with a perfectly finished product.


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