From the studio of Tamryn Pohl...

I have been a professional artist since 2001, when I started off in Harare, Zimbabwe. Working part time in the tourism industry and based in places like Hwange and Lake Kariba, I was bursting with inspiration, and had the perfect balance of work/passion for the bush, seeing different parts of the country and knowledge of wildlife. My time was taken up with painting towards exhibitions a few times of the year, and filling my cup of inspiration whilst working as a guide/hostess in prestigious luxury safari lodges.

To the best of my knowledge, my favourite subjects, be it bird or beast, seem to be largely due to the characters of the subjects, the environment that I seem to find myself in and the feeling of attachment to the surroundings of the African bush, the heartbeat so to speak. As a child of Africa, I need to know how things tick and as I develop as an artist I strive to keep true to the natural habits of my subjects and its a matter of pride to ensure that I do not represent them falsely. I cannot draw anything with true feeling if I have not come into some kind of contact with the subject or studied them in some way. To portray a quirky porcupine, or a majestic elephant, or even a gangly, playful elephant calf is impossible unless you have spent a lot of time watching and admiring wildlife.

My paintings are also inspired by colour and movement. I have had many people buy paintings from me, moved by the bright colours of the birds I paint which lift their spirits, to the dark, brooding atmospheric skies over the Zambezi Valley or Kalahari desert. Movement comes naturally to my paintings as well, thanks to my loose style.

Why weddings? What have paintings got to do with a wedding you may ask? Imagine you are also a child of Africa, and planning the most important event of your life, how do you find something unique, something that speaks to you and you alone... and that no-one else has had at their own weddings? A personalised invitation, the bright turquoise wings of a malachite kingfisher, or the magenta of the carmine bee-eater, tastefully composed on a clean stark white card with immaculate text. Or tiny folded name cards, with a bushbaby perched on the end of the text? These are just some of the ideas which can make your wedding stand out above others, guests will take their name-cards home to stick into their diaries or scrapbooks to remember the event, a free work of art.

If thats not your thing, you can always put TamrynPohlArt in your wedding gift list, as a gift voucher to receive and use at your leisure, when you have started to decorate your new home and your spouse and yourself decide what you would like. No rush, no fuss. Maybe when you return from your honeymoon to the Luangwa or the Okavango Delta and commission me to do a painting of a particular animal or bird that moved you in some way, and will remind you of your holiday forever. When commissioning a piece of Art from me there are various things we can take into consideration, and which I am very happy to discuss with you. For example, size and dimensions of the painting are taken into price structure. I am very happy to discuss certain colour ranges, and subjects of course. Once the deal has been made, I will require a 50% deposit, and once I have completed the painting, I will send you a photo of the work before getting the final artwork to you. Normally I sell the painting unframed, leaving the choice of frame to you as it is a very personal thing. But having said that, I have contacts of some excellent framers and I am also happy to advise you as to what I feel would suit the piece if you are out of your depth.

“Beautiful as ever. You have that rare mix of knowing Africa in your heart and in your soul, of truly loving and understanding the wild creatures with whom we share this incredible planet and my God, can you paint! The moment I see one of your paintings I'm there, back in the bush, in all its wonder. Thanks. You game-ranger, artist, daugher of Africa you!” – Pat Garrod (Author of 'Bearback: The world Overland)


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