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Don’t underestimate the importance of event lighting. Investing into great lighting will transform your venue visually – helping to set an atmosphere and create a dramatic and memorable impression. Transform the smallest, largest or most unlikely of spaces by hiring or purchasing from one of our recommended light professionals. Lighting can really make the difference in mood, excitement and your photographs. Make sure that your lighting is properly constructed by a professional.


It is also vital that guests get to hear the speeches, there is nothing worse than a screeching microphone or straining to hear a speech, or both. If you want your guests to dance the night away then don't rely on an inferior sound solution.


Quality sound & lighting on your wedding day is an investment well worth making and it is highly recommended that you hire a professional to make sure all your sound and lighting is done right.

Browse our listings in this category and you'll be sure to find our recommend sound and lighting specialists!

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