Sustainable Weddings


Sustainability is a huge topic this year.  Environmentally-conscious weddings are allot easier now with so many eco-friendly options.  Central to this is drastically reducing the amount of plastics used in your wedding and your carbon footprint – and there’s lots of ways you can do this.... 

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Alternative Wedding Send-Offs for Every

Planning an eco-friendly wedding that will be kind to nature and the environment?

Here are a few, sustainable, eco-friendly and zero waste wedding hacks...

1. Make sustainable, low impact wedding purchases

2. Choose water wise flowers & greenery

3. Recycle

4. Give favours which support natural eco systems

5. Rent, don't buy

6. Have a smaller intimate wedding

Fewer guests mean less decor, rentals, place settings and flowers. Plus, it means quality over quantity and is the foundation of an eco-friendly wedding.

7. Choose vendors that are environmentally aware and are willing to work with you toward a low-waste, eco-friendly wedding.

8. Have a minimalist wedding theme.​
9. Plan a locally-grown menu.

​10. Serve your meal with gifted reusable cutlery.

11. Use low-water wedding greenery, flowers and plants.
Embrace hardy foliage like eucalyptus, sturdy succulents, drought-tolerant bougainvillea or proteas, or low-water herbs like rosemary, lavender, and artichokes for sustainable wedding flowers! 

12. Choose locally grown flowers and indigenous greenery to support local biodiversity.

13. Give eco-friendly wedding favors that contribute to a reduction in single-use plastics.
Consider gifting re-usable straws, eco-friendly bamboo cutlery, multi-use grocery bags or washable fabric sandwich bags.

14. Give tree sapling favors which will help clean the air of pollutants.
Tree saplings are a much better eco-friendly wedding favor alternative than seed favors – which inevitably never get planted, or require a level of gardening skill to nurse from seed to sapling!

15. Help the bees by gifting bee-friendly potted herbs and flowers.
Lavender, basil, thyme and rosemary are great options. These pot plants can be kept outside to feed the bees, and also provide a source of fresh culinary delight! Lavender, Thai basil and rosemary can be propagated by adding cuttings to water, then planting when roots have sprouted. This means that you can even grow them yourselves!

16. Choose a venue with natural beauty that requires little decor.
Having your ceremony in the midst of rolling meadows, botanical gardens, or forested hillsides means minimal décor and less waste.

17. Reduce travel by hosting reception and ceremony at the same venue.

18.Get married under a tree and skip the arch.
Or, rent a sustainably made arch that can be reused by other couples.