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Twangale is a word that originates from the Bemba speaking people in the north of Zambia and means " Let's Play"...descriptive of the personality of this proudly Zambian facility.


Located in Lusaka’s exclusive Eureka Park neighborhood, Twangale Park is Lusaka’s premier hotel, conference center and event venue. Sitting on 7 acres of lush and exquisitely manicured grounds, this world-class establishment combines nature, atmosphere and elegance in an idyllic setting.


The accommodation at Twangale park is spacious and luxurious, giving patrons  an at home feeling while the food will have you visiting time and time again. Twangale offers its patrons a unique look at everyday Zambian life through its extensive collection of Zambian art. All these features make Twangale Park the perfect venue for your next corporate, social or charitable event.



Plot PP Mukwa Drive, Lilayi, Lusaka Zambia, 10101 Lusaka, Zambia

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