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Choosing the perfect VENUE for your wedding day can be a daunting task as its perhaps the most important aspect of your wedding day. There are so many wedding venues to choose from – where do you even start? Right here!  We’ve taken the time to list some of the most beautiful and prestigious venues in Zambia. Whether you are looking for a small intimate venue or a grand hotel, this directory will help you select your perfect venue. So sit back, relax & start planning the wedding of your dreams. 

A wedding can really take it out of you, so choosing wedding ACCOMODATION close to your reception venue is a great idea. B&Bs, hotels, resorts - the options are only limited by your budget!   It is crucial to plan wedding guest accommodation before sending out invitations. This will prevent a barrage of questions and guests staying in awkward to reach, spread-out locations. Two of the easiest ways to make sure that all your guests are staying nearby is by either; providing hotel recommendations or by block-reserving rooms at a specific hotel.

There’s nothing more romantic than hunkering down in a log cabin by the fire or fisherman’s cottage on an African island, and if you’re searching for honeymoon accommodation holidays that speak volumes then read on for some great ideas for romantic retreats.


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