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Wedding Dress Inspiration

In the search for a flowy gown? Whimsical? Totally unique and one-of-a-kind? We love these pretty gowns with all their dainty embroidery, beads, lace details.. silk, tulle, chiffon.... wedding dresses fill us with so much happiness. One of the biggest choices of your big day comes down to.. the dress. Don't skimp on your budget here.  Have a dress you've always dreamed of?  Don't stop till you find THE ONE!

Here are a few of our favorites we found and we think you'll love them too....


“The essence of what we do is what our mission was from the beginning – to design wedding gowns that women want. The common thread that women of all different cultures, shapes and sizes share is that we want to feel beautiful. Style helps us define ourselves on a daily basis and your wedding day should be no different."

Our signature styles encapsulate a renowned look that is unmistakably Grace Loves Lace. It’s in the comfortable luxury, the artisanal details and the ultra-feminine silhouettes. Not only that, it’s all about the woman, and the confidence and grace she exudes when wearing one of our gowns. Each dress makes you feel like you are the only woman in the world and, yet, you know you’re a part of something bigger than yourself when buying a GRACE gown. This is because we are a female-led company who are ethically creating dresses in their beautiful hometown of Burleigh, Australia.

Our signature wedding dresses are best-sellers because of their effortless magic, flattering fit and luxurious fabrics. This indisputable combination is a winning formula. These dresses will forever be in our bridal repertoire, as they continue to stand the test of time.


"Wrapped in love and incandescence – the Galia Lahav bride knows no boundaries. She’s as roaring as the sea and as strong as diamonds. A Galia Lahav bride who wears any of these gleaming gowns is unbounded by conventional wedding details. She’s ready to glow, and quite honestly, so are we!..."